Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More to Come... Please Stay Tuned!

Just a quick note to thank everyone who has asked me "What's going on? Where's your blog?"

I'm involved in a super-secret project, and I can't let on what it is...just yet. It's been taking up a HUGE chunk of my time. But it's worth it!

So please forgive me. I promise to share all. And when I have a moment to sit and breathe, I will be back with lots of useful(?) information!

Thanks, my friends!!!

~ Linda

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don’t EVER Start Anything, But if Someone else Starts Something, You’d Better Finish It!!!

Yep. I actually told my kid that when she was in public school.

And I’ve repeated that sentiment over and over again through the years.

I know…right now you must be shaking your head in disgust.

You wouldn’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last.

I don’t want my child to ever start trouble…but if anyone messes with her, I want her to be able to defend herself.

My friend told me a story about when her child was in public school.

She got called to the school when her daughter was put in “reassignment.” (That’s where they send the kids who misbehave, so they can think--and write--about what they did wrong.)

Evidently, her daughter was attacked by a kid in the playground. He pushed her up against a fence and had her by the throat.

She was able to get her hands on him, and pushed him off her.

And then she was sent to reassignment. (I think she was about seven at the time.)

The mom told the reassignment monitor, “Good…she did EXACTLY what I told her to do if she got bullied. Now I’m going to take her out for an ice cream.”

I could have stood up and applauded her.

That’s when I adopted my “Don’t start anything, but make sure if someone else starts, you FINISH” philosophy. I want Becca to be able to defend herself. If it comes down to putting her hands on somebody to accomplish it, well then so be it.

I know I’m going to piss off the pacifists out there. I won’t apologize.

But once again, before I get skewered. I’d expect Becca to use any kind of physical self-defense as a last resort. We always talk about “using your words” first. (And believe me, Becca has no trouble speaking up for herself.)

But when words don’t work, and if someone has you cornered, you do whatever you need to do to get out of the situation, safely.

Fortunately, she's never had to do it...and let's hope she never gets into a situation where she has to.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lest You Think that I Think Homeschooling is the Perfect Answer…

After talking to two other homeschool moms this weekend (and after some “conflicts” that my daughter has had to deal with lately), I’ve decided that homeschoolers seem to have some of the same issues that public school kids deal with.

Not everybody gets along.

Not everybody is your cup of tea.

There ARE bullies…all over.

I have to say that the main difference is that we homeschool parents are “there” more, to help deal with the issues on a more immediate basis.

But then again, there are times we need to step back and let the kids deal with conflicts themselves. (How else do they learn to handle adversity and grow from the experience?)

But I must say that I am glad that I’m there to help Becca handle the bigger issues as they come along. I know that she appreciates me being there.

These are volatile times for all kids…teens especially.

I’m glad that I can be there for Becca when she needs me. That’s something ALL parents can do for their kids (homeschooled or not).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Homeschooling - A Dad's Perspective...

Bob here, everyone!

I just wanted to give a little background on how I initially felt about homeschooling. In the beginning, when the idea was first brought up, I pictured us all alone at home educating Becca, with little or no help from the outside. And believe me, I was not sold on the idea. If anything, I was probably against it a bit.

However, once the homeschool process began, I immediately saw the well-established network of families that were there to help and assist us if needed. I immediately realized that there was such a support system here in Brevard with not just one, but many different homeschool groups to choose from! The group of people we initially met were all in the same boat. For some reason or another, they all decided homeschooling was the better choice.

I attended public school and do not regret it one bit. But, times do change. Becca did her years of public school, but that was enough. I believe that for our family, homeschooling turned out to be one heck of an option. I do not agree with a lot that goes on in public school these days, but that is another story.

Well, there you have it. I am proud of Becca and how she has matured and turned into a great woman. She is intelligent, creative, and an awesome individual. I credit homeschooling for this.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peanut Allergies and Homeschooling

I am, by no means, an expert on peanut allergies.

I can, however, relate to severe food allergies. (But just in recent years, since I found out that I have a severe allergy to flax.)

But I never (thank G-d) almost lost a child to a severe peanut allergy.

I don’t know what it’s like, every day, to go through the diligence that’s required to raise a child with a severe allergy.

I do, however, have friends with children with these allergies.

And I’d do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep these kids safe.

How difficult must it be to send your child to school every day, knowing that they could possibly be exposed to something that could kill them, almost instantly.

We know several kids, in school, who have severe allergies. I hear that some schools will provide “safe areas” for these kids… (One high school has a room with a special “filtration system” where the kids are able to eat, without being exposed to peanuts.)

But is this the answer?

We happen to belong to a homeschool group that is essentially peanut-free.

All events we have (park days, parties, gatherings) are peanut-free zones.

(Some schools have evidently done the same… They are peanut-free schools.)

I’ve actually heard complaints about the extra efforts being made to keep these kids safe.


So, what, it inconveniences you?

I actually heard, from one person, that that’s all her child will eat (peanut butter). And it inconvenienced her that her kids couldn’t bring peanut products to school.

Again, really?

If your child will only eat peanut butter… (If your child can’t wait until they get home to have that peanut butter sandwich…)

Well, that’s just sad.

What kind of sacrifice does it take to keep a child safe?

Not a sacrifice at all, in my book.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Those Days When You’ve Already Given All that You Have…

I haven’t had much time to think about my homeschool blog today.

What with doing “administrative work” for our main homeschool group, taking care of Becca’s needs (even though she’s older and more independent, she still needs mom), doing regular stuff around the house (bills, etc), and working on a super secret project (TBA)… Sometimes you just run out of time and energy.

So, I’m going to go take some “time off” to put my feet up and relax.

See you next blog!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Real World: A Mom’s Take on it All

I loved high school. I’m not here to bash it…or make fun of it.

High school was one of my favorite times. I have only fond memories. And I often wish I could go back and relive it.

Not everybody can say that.

But it’s true, what they say. That it’s not “reality.”

The real world is so very different.

But so many high school kids live or die for what high school means to them. And for some of them, it really is their “heyday.”

What you don’t realize, when you’re smack dab in the middle of it, is how insignificant high school really is, compared to the rest of life.

Now, I’m not here to steal anybody’s thunder. EVERYONE deserves to have good high school years.

But how realistic is that, especially these days? With all of the bullying and peer pressure and pressure to excel…to go above and beyond. It’s such a volatile time, for so many.

And if you’re not popular…or accepted… High school can be an absolute nightmare.

I don’t want to sound like I’m knocking kids that are in school. All kids have their wants, needs, desires and challenges.

It’s just all kids (teens especially) should realize that this is just the beginning of your life. There’s so much more out there to experience.

For all of you teens out there (whether you’re in public school, private school, or if you’re homeschooled)…don’t let the little stuff get to you.

Take it easy, take it slow and enjoy the ride!