Sunday, October 10, 2010

Being Unique

While pondering today’s blog, I wondered out loud about my subject matter for today.

After I posted about it on Facebook, a friend wrote this:

“…you can write how public schooled kids blossom when they are put in a homeschooling group like they learn that uniqueness is a good quality and doesn't make you abnormal.”

Wow. How profound is that? This a mom who had her kids in public school (like me). Who decided to homeschool (for her own reasons, like me), and is pleased with her decision (like me).

Her kids are loved and accepted for who they are.

And it’s true. You can be in a homeschool group and wear what you want (I remember kids showing up to homeschool events decked out in “Hot Topic”—chains and all), pierce what you want (ears, noses, eyebrows, lips), wear your hair how you want (long, buzzed, blue, pink), and most importantly, BE who you want!

We have scholars and artistic types, soccer plays and singers, actresses and entrepreneurs.

We have animal lovers and kids who want to work with children. We have ambitious kids and kids that are more laid back.

We have shy kids and outgoing kids.

Kids who like Metal, Classical, Show Tunes, Pop and Alternative…

We have kids who would do well in a public school environment, private school environment, or being homeschooled.

And then we have kids who are much better off in a smaller, more controlled group.

Most importantly, these kids aren’t kept home to shelter them from their peers. They still get to be around other kids, other parents and adults.

But there’s something about our homeschool group (and others I’m sure) that radiates acceptance.

There’s no mold. No outrageous expectations. Unique is as normal and accepted as…well, “normal.”

You are who you are. And we love you for it.


  1. Very nicely put!!! I love that my son is 14 yrs old and he can talk to and hangout with kids older or younger than him and not be worried about being picked on or made fun of by other kids!!! My son has always been a goofy silly kid. He went to public school and was teased and picked on for it. Now we homeschool and he loves the fact that he can now be himself and not have to worry about what the other kids think of him. It took him a little while to relax and to stop worrying if so and so will still be his friend if he does something wrong or talks to the wrong person. All the kids in our homeschool group are his friends, all ages!!! We have the best homeschool group!!! We are in our fifth year of homeschooling and we are still loving it!!! I love the last line, "You are who you are, and we love you for it!!!" We so need to make that one of our slogans!!! :)