Monday, October 11, 2010

Their World vs Our World – Which is the Real Reality? ~ Becca

“Am I going to be voted Prom Queen?”

“Do you think I will make head cheerleader?”

“Will I be the most gorgeous girl at Homecoming?”

These are some of the things I see on my school friends’ Facebook statuses, on a regular basis.

(Yes, I know…the Facebook thing again. But it’s the only way I really get to chat with my public school friends!)

My school friends are all either talking about homework, dances, homecoming, dates, etc.

It’s truly ridiculous.

I don’t hear this from everybody… But it’s amazing to see that it’s some school kids’ main focus. They think it’s the real world. Like the world is divided up into “categories.”

Now if they were to categorize some of the kids our homeschool group, you might hear “nerd,” “freak,” “geek,” “weirdo” or “class clown.”

But we don’t see it that way.

The “jocks” don’t sit at one table and the “nerds” another. We are not cooped up in one huge building that is disguised as the real world. We homeschoolers are already IN the real world.

We are dealing with adults that treat us like human beings, other teens that don’t look at us like we are some weird science project (which is the look I usually get when I say I’m homeschooled), and kids of all different ages.

Yeah you might think this is all you can think about now, with your boyfriend or dances or prom kings and queens, but when you get your butt booted out of high school when you graduate, it’s going to be a real slap in the face.

Welcome to the real world.

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