Saturday, October 2, 2010

Connecting With Your Teens

I found this great blog, called “Connect With Your Teens.” I’ve only had a chance to briefly look through it, but so far, it sure makes a lot of sense…

I can’t help but wonder if I “automatically” connect with Becca? (It really doesn’t seem like much of an effort.)

We like to watch the same kind of movies. We (for the most part) enjoy the same kind of TV shows. We are both on the same social networking sites (and share many of the same “friends”).

And we like the same music.

I asked her recently, if it bugged her that I know the words to Katy Perry songs. Or Eminem songs. (Or even *gasp* Hollywood Undead.)

I guess Bob connects with her too… He likes Ke$ha…and Adam Lambert…and Linkin Park.

OMGosh..and Lady Gaga!

I think it really HELPS that we can relate to Becca (and what she likes).

Now, this music isn’t every 40-something’s idea of “the good stuff.” And you don’t have to listen to screamo (don’t ask) to be able to relate to your kid.

But it doesn’t hurt to come part of the way, at least.

The more you have in common with them, the more you have to talk about! You don’t have to speak a different language (or use the excuse that you “come from a different generation”).

You see, Becca comes part of the way too. She loves The Steve Miller Band. And Queen. And ELO…and The Beatles.

She even humored me, and went to a Billy Joel concert with us!

You see, the best way to relate to your teen (and for them to relate to you) is to make compromises. You both make the effort to come part way.

Who knows…you might actually enjoy it!


  1. Very well said Linda! I think your right on the mark! And this 40 something listens to the music my kids like too!!

  2. ;o)

    Thanks so much, Leslie! ;o)

    ~ Linda