Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peanut Allergies and Homeschooling

I am, by no means, an expert on peanut allergies.

I can, however, relate to severe food allergies. (But just in recent years, since I found out that I have a severe allergy to flax.)

But I never (thank G-d) almost lost a child to a severe peanut allergy.

I don’t know what it’s like, every day, to go through the diligence that’s required to raise a child with a severe allergy.

I do, however, have friends with children with these allergies.

And I’d do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep these kids safe.

How difficult must it be to send your child to school every day, knowing that they could possibly be exposed to something that could kill them, almost instantly.

We know several kids, in school, who have severe allergies. I hear that some schools will provide “safe areas” for these kids… (One high school has a room with a special “filtration system” where the kids are able to eat, without being exposed to peanuts.)

But is this the answer?

We happen to belong to a homeschool group that is essentially peanut-free.

All events we have (park days, parties, gatherings) are peanut-free zones.

(Some schools have evidently done the same… They are peanut-free schools.)

I’ve actually heard complaints about the extra efforts being made to keep these kids safe.


So, what, it inconveniences you?

I actually heard, from one person, that that’s all her child will eat (peanut butter). And it inconvenienced her that her kids couldn’t bring peanut products to school.

Again, really?

If your child will only eat peanut butter… (If your child can’t wait until they get home to have that peanut butter sandwich…)

Well, that’s just sad.

What kind of sacrifice does it take to keep a child safe?

Not a sacrifice at all, in my book.


  1. I am deathly allergic to Kiwi fruit but I am an adult and I know not to eat or touch it but I have still had accidents and had to go to the hospital!!! I do my best to remind people but at times I have felt like I was a burden on people just for asking them to not have it around me...I think it's crazy that someone feels like it's not a big deal!!! I don't even tell people anymore, just so I don't have to hear the complaints!!! It is ridiculous!!! I would do anything to protect anyone who has a life threatening allergy to something...I don't understand how someone can be upset and not care that they may be endangering someones life!!! I just don't get's not like we are asking them never to eat it...just don't eat it around us!!! Why is that so wrong to some people??? I personally don't even like peanut I am very glad to not have it around...the funny part is the thing I am so allergic to, I love, Kiwi fruit!!! ;) I have a huge appreciation for food allergies...I know how scary it is to have an allergic reaction to something!!! I will do what ever it takes to keep my friends safe!!! :)


  2. My son has autism. He eats very few foods. Peanut Butter is one of them. At times, it has been the only food he could tolerate. He does not eat breakfast. These are not things I can change. Believe me, I've tried!

    So, IF he went to public school, and IF they didn't allow peanut products in the building, they would be telling him, in effect, "Everyone else is allowed to eat lunch here. If they can't afford it, we'll give them a free lunch. Heck, we'll even give them a free breakfast. But Monday through Friday, you are not allowed to eat before 3 p.m."

    And if you think he would get hungry after a while and eat something else, you don't understand autism. He once went three weeks on liquids only because he couldn't find a solid food he could tolerate. Inconvenient, yes!

    That's the beauty of home schooling. I do what my son needs to survive and thrive. A public school, by its very nature, has to weigh one student's needs against another's. Your child's needs become a political football, and the "big kids", the politically well-connected and the powers that be, always seem to be engaged in a game of "keep away".

  3. Thank you for your input and your perspective, Jen and Papa Bear!!!

    ~ Linda