Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lest You Think that I Think Homeschooling is the Perfect Answer…

After talking to two other homeschool moms this weekend (and after some “conflicts” that my daughter has had to deal with lately), I’ve decided that homeschoolers seem to have some of the same issues that public school kids deal with.

Not everybody gets along.

Not everybody is your cup of tea.

There ARE bullies…all over.

I have to say that the main difference is that we homeschool parents are “there” more, to help deal with the issues on a more immediate basis.

But then again, there are times we need to step back and let the kids deal with conflicts themselves. (How else do they learn to handle adversity and grow from the experience?)

But I must say that I am glad that I’m there to help Becca handle the bigger issues as they come along. I know that she appreciates me being there.

These are volatile times for all kids…teens especially.

I’m glad that I can be there for Becca when she needs me. That’s something ALL parents can do for their kids (homeschooled or not).

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