Friday, October 15, 2010

Homeschooling - A Dad's Perspective...

Bob here, everyone!

I just wanted to give a little background on how I initially felt about homeschooling. In the beginning, when the idea was first brought up, I pictured us all alone at home educating Becca, with little or no help from the outside. And believe me, I was not sold on the idea. If anything, I was probably against it a bit.

However, once the homeschool process began, I immediately saw the well-established network of families that were there to help and assist us if needed. I immediately realized that there was such a support system here in Brevard with not just one, but many different homeschool groups to choose from! The group of people we initially met were all in the same boat. For some reason or another, they all decided homeschooling was the better choice.

I attended public school and do not regret it one bit. But, times do change. Becca did her years of public school, but that was enough. I believe that for our family, homeschooling turned out to be one heck of an option. I do not agree with a lot that goes on in public school these days, but that is another story.

Well, there you have it. I am proud of Becca and how she has matured and turned into a great woman. She is intelligent, creative, and an awesome individual. I credit homeschooling for this.


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