Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As We Continue...

So what makes someone decide to homeschool their kid(s)? Like anything else, it can be for any number of reasons. (Why do people send their kids to public school? Or private school?) Education is a top priority for people with kids. Why else would we be so concerned about moving into neighborhoods with “good schools?” Again, I’m not here to bash public school. I think Becca’s time in public school was “a learning experience” (just like everything else in life). But again, Becca knew what she needed. She knew what was “right” for her.

By the time I met Dani, Becca had been asking to be homeschooled for about a year. (Looking back, neither Becca nor I can remember how she even found out about homeschooling.) But this 8 year-old child was determined. She’d leave notes around the house. “Please homeschool me.” And, “I want to be homeschooled.”

I’ve learned since that time that my kid knows what she wants in life. Even back then, she knew what she needed.

So we embarked upon our journey.

And boy was it scary.

The first thing I did was call her school. The receptionist was flabbergasted. She really didn’t know what to say. Basically, her response was, “Are you SURE?” Yep, I was sure.

I wrote our “required” letter to the school board, declaring our intention of homeschooling.

Then we joined a homeschool support group.

Homeschool groups provide the support and guidance that we homeschoolers need. They can help take care of the “socialization” aspect of homeschooling. They can also be a great source of information. We’ve found out about different types of curriculum through our group. And we’ve found out about wonderful learning opportunities.

And the added bonus? Through our homeschool group, I’ve found some of my dearest friends…

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