Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Having “Our World” to Ourselves (Boy are We Spoiled!)

Yeah, we’re spoiled. Imagine going to the mall...and it’s basically empty. Or going to your favorite restaurant (or movie theater), and having the place to yourself. Or even better, imagine going to a theme park (or attraction) and there are no lines.

At first, people would ask why Becca isn’t in school. (Are you sick today, honey?) Then, they started getting used to seeing us on a regular basis.

We love our little world. We kind of get treated differently… Preferential treatment, you may say.

We’re so spoiled, that if we have to go out during the weekend, we’re all freaked out. (What are all these people doing here???) You get used to things being quiet (and deserted). That said, sometimes we like to get out among “normal society.” But most of the time, we like our sheltered little world!

One of our favorite times to go out is during FCAT week. Thankfully, our FCAT days are over. (Becca took them when she was still in school. Homeschoolers don’t have to take them!)

So what’s on the agenda this coming year? Aquatica maybe… Or maybe it’ll be our time to go hang out with Harry Potter at Universal…

Welcome to the life of homeschoolers. Are we spoiled? You bet we are. And we wouldn’t give it up for anything…


  1. We are spoiled too!!! :)
    We would not trade Homeschooling for ANYTHING!!! :)

  2. I count down the days til we get our stores and things back. Yes...we are spoiled and I LOVE IT!