Friday, August 27, 2010

How We Spent our Last Free Friday… (Next Week Our Busy “Schedule” Starts Up Again…)

We spent our last “free Friday” sleeping late (I got up at 12:30), making a Starbucks run (White Chocolate Mocha for Becca and a Breve Latte for me) and then a nice, leisurely trip to the Viera Wetlands. We love the wetlands.

Viera Wetlands

No matter what time of year, time of day, or weather condition, the Viera Wetlands is a wonderful place to visit. There are times when you’ll see no less than 30 gators, sunning themselves on the banks, or just peeking out of the water. There are too many different kinds of birds to name. (We’re not bird watchers, ourselves, but I have to say…the birders out there are the NICEST people!)

There are ducks (lately, with swarms of teeny ducklings), coots, cranes, herons and an occasional Caracara.

We’ve seen snakes, water moccasins and even a little fat raccoon bustling along…

But the best part of our trip(s) to the Viera Wetlands? Family time.

It’s quiet out there. You turn off the radio, roll your windows down and listen to the wildlife.

And I’ve discovered an even more invaluable treasure out at the wetlands. My daughter talks to me. Too many times, we’re caught up in electronics (listening to the radio/watching TV/being distracted by the computer)… When we’re “communing with nature” it encourages us to talk...and share.

To me, these times are priceless…


  1. Love this! Love the photos and, yes, those times are the best. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Aw, thanks, Ket!

    Hope to see you again soon...

    ~ Linda