Friday, August 20, 2010

So Who DOES She Socialize With These Days? (Besides Mom of Course!)

Well, yesterday was our Funtown day… The kids spent four hours roller skating, playing arcade games, mini-bowling, and playing unlimited laser tag. The nice thing about it is that they all interact well together. (The kids at Funtown today, ranged in age from 4 or 5 to 15 years.) And if there is ever a conflict, it’s easily resolved…

Once we got to Funtown, I saw Becca two or three times, when she came to get some water (or to use the bathroom).

Next month, we’ll have our park day at a local public pool. (It’s still too hot in Florida to spend much time outside—without having water around to cool down.) Some of the kids have just started with a new PE program. We have several wonderful field trips coming up (including a day at the Orlando Science Center and a trip to the Ponce Inlet Marine Center and Lighthouse).

But in addition to the “fun” things, we have group educational opportunities as well. We have several “learning” co-ops that we’ve been involved with during our homeschooling years. Right now, some of the active co-ops are the World Cultures and the Mythical Studies co-op. We have an active Campfire group and we have several girls involved in Girl Scouts.

We also have academic fairs twice a year, where all of the kids are encouraged to share something “educational.” (Think science fair, without the scientific method and without the judging.) The kids are welcome to do their project on anything that interests them...

Our children are not only exposed to other kids of all ages (in our homeschool group, we have newborns all the way up to late teens/early twenties), they’re exposed to other adults on a regular basis.

And what about the times when Becca wants to spend more time with kids her own age? Well, we have a very active teen book club (they read classics as well as current favorites) and a very social teen group. (We have a trip to the planetarium, a teen game night and an informal Fall dance coming up.) Her art and drama classes both cater to teens as well.

So I guess you can say that Becca is very well-rounded with her socialization these days…

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