Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So What (Exactly) is Becca Missing Out On by Not Going to High School? (“You’re Missing all the Fights. And the Dating!!!”)

I posed this question to a few of our “schooled” teen friends. (My friends’ kids who are in public school, and some of Becca’s former public school classmates.)

What is Becca missing?

And I’ve gotten some interesting (and some surprising) responses…

One kid I asked (a neighborhood boy) got all excited when I asked the question. “She’s missing the fights! I got in a fight this week, so-and-so got in a fight last week… And this other guy got arrested…” After we spoke to him, I got the lasting impression that that’s all they do at our local high school…fight.

(And this is supposed to be a “good” school…)

A female public school teen’s status was this, recently: “If your boyfriend wasn’t willing or able to fight, would you still date him?” (I had to ask somebody what this means. Evidently, there’s a lot of respect for a teen boy that’s able to throw a punch???) Surprisingly, some of the answers were no. “He’d have to be able to fight. Or I’d have no respect for him at all…”

But recently I asked another teen (my friend’s son) and he said that the “fight talk” is overrated. Fights do happen, but it’s not an every-week occurrence.

When I posed this question, I don’t know WHAT I was expecting. I guess I was expecting a teen’s perspective on what THEY think homeschoolers are missing out on.

How IS the socialization in high school?

Since we left in fourth grade, we missed out on middle school and now high school. Are there more freedoms? Are they free to hang out with whoever they want during lunch? Do they have “free” periods? Are they allowed to leave campus?

I went to public high school (and have very fond memories of my time there). I loved it. Sure, there were negatives, but all I remember is how much fun I had. And my favorite teachers or advisors. And my friends…

When I posed this question, I was expecting positives and negatives. But I guess I was confused by these answers.

Maybe I asked the wrong people…

So again, I find I must ask: What IS Becca actually missing out on?


  1. I had to ask Amanda this question. Here is her answer:
    " I don't know. There is a lot of drama and racing from class to class. Homework? I guess she always has homework. LOL. Does she have friends? What about school lunches.. oh wait, she isn't really missing anything there... I can't think of anything she would be missing.... Mom, can you home school me?"

  2. LOL!!!

    Thanks, Joe! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment! Thanks for asking Amanda... And thanks for commenting!

    ~ Linda