Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So What’s Becca Reading Now? (More Like; So What Are WE Reading?)

Becca’s an avid reader. I’ve never seen a kid with their nose in a book as much as her. (Though we do know a lots and lots of other book lovers!) She complains about “not having enough reading time” like other kids complain about not having enough friend, TV or video game time.

I learned quite a while ago that if I want to punish Becca, taking away her cell phone, TV or computer time doesn’t work. (She could care less.) NOW, if I want to “threaten” her with punishment (I’ve rarely had to punish her for anything), the only thing that DOES work is taking away her books…

Right now, Becca’s been so busy with her crochet business, she hasn’t had much time to read (book club choices OR recreational reading). But she’s recently had her nose buried in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (by Stieg Larsson).

I’m on the fourth book of the Percy Jackson series. As you can see, we tend to “trade off” books.

We do that, though. We do read what would be considered “age appropriate” books (her: Young Adult, me: Adult Fiction). We get a lot of our ideas from our book club choices (we both belong to our own groups) and some books are recommended by friends. I’ve read the entire Marked series and the Percy Jackson series. I’ve read The Book Thief (one of my top 3 pics) and Unwind (disturbing, but amazing).

Becca’s read the entire Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series, the Sookie Stackhouse series and several other novels that I’ve read (and recommended).

We love trading with each other. We get excited about sharing our “favorites.” Then, we talk and talk about the books (and we even participate in each other’s book club discussions).

Reading helps to take care of Becca’s social needs, academics, and its one more way to make the bond stronger between us. And boy, do we have fun doing it!

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