Saturday, August 14, 2010

But Where Does the Curriculum Come From?

As I said before, we started out with a more structured approach, then eventually eased into more of what we do now…child-led learning. Oh, we still do math in a structured environment (Math-U-See, to be more precise), but everything else we do is Becca-led.

At first, we bought workbooks from places like Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble (and even Sam’s Club). Becca enjoyed them, because we always made it fun. (Even when Becca was in public school, we supplemented her learning with outside activities. So it was natural for us to ease into this when it came to homeschooling.)

Then we got REALLY busy…socializing. We were literally occupied 5-6 days each week. Between our co-ops, park days, homeschool roller skating days, rock climbing, Girl Scouts and field trips, we found that we didn’t have much time for anything else! But that wasn’t a bad thing. Becca was still learning. And thriving. And growing…

We’re still busy with our homeschool group, but as Becca gets older, her interests are shifting. She does drama now, and she takes art classes. (Both homeschool classes, but not with any specific group.) She will start voice lessons soon and she will be working on Geometry this "semester.” Add her reading and writing time (which comes naturally to her), crochet time (her creations are amazing), and studying for her learner’s permit, and we have a full schedule!

So where DOES the curriculum come from? A good place to start is book stores, online, and getting recommendations from other homeschoolers. (I’m trolling my homeschool group for recommended curriculum. I promise to post links soon, when I have the information amassed!)

And there's always the hands-on approach. For history, take that trip to the historical district, or watch that movie based on historical fiction, then discuss it! For science, get dirty. (We did lots of experiments at home.) Read with your to them or read the books that THEY'RE reading. We've had many discussions about "life issues" after reading the same books...

Right now, Becca's reading about Robert Langdon in The Lost Symbol, and I'm reading about Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The most important thing is staying involved with your child, paying close attention to their learning style and actively participating in their education.


  1. Linda, you have inspired me to do more with Amanda, even though I can't home school her here in TN, I think if I can find fun and interesting ways to spark her interest, perhaps she will be inspired to enjoy learning again....I am addicted to your blog.. I'm just loving it.

  2. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Dee. I couldn't have even started it without YOU... <3

  3. Hi, from Viera as well. This will be our 1st year homeschooling our son. I enjoy reading your blogs & have learned a lot, already.. We are so excited that he will now being learning, the way that is best for HIM.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Congratulations on your decision to homeschool! This is my first real attempt at blogging and I'm learning something every day.

    Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We have a wonderful homeschool support system here in Brevard. I don't know what I would have done without it!

    We hope you have a great year!!!

    ~ Linda