Sunday, August 15, 2010

But What About College? (Another Question We Always Get…)

What about college? It’s a question we get all the time. Recent (and not-so-recent) research points to the fact that homeschoolers can thrive in college! They are a previously-overlooked untapped well…

And though homeschoolers are not required to have a high school diploma to enter college (side note: there’s always The Mom and Dad Diploma), they may have to take the ACTs and SATs, or at the very least, a CPT (college placement test).

Here in Florida (and I’m sure, in several other states), many homeschoolers do “dual enrollment” (which can start as early as age 15, or 10th grade). Becca has many friends who are dual-enrolled at our local community college.

But then, you may ask, what about the child who doesn’t want to go to college…? Do we automatically assume that EVERY child must attend college to have a successful future?


  1. Just wanted to add a helpful hint: if your homeschooled child wants to attend college, but doesn't want to start out at a community college, I'd suggest beginning to collect recommendation letters and other outside verification of your child's achievements, activities, character, leadership, and other qualities that selective colleges like to see, and doing so early in the college planning process. Keep a file of these letters beginning three or four years before you think your child is going to be applying to college, and then you won't have to scramble or race against the clock when applications ask for letters of recommendation from non-family members - which many of them do.

  2. My oldest dd dual enrolled. It wasn't for her. I didn't dual enroll my son, but should have. Next dd didn't dual enroll, that was the right choice. DD number 3 may, we'll see. One child at a time.


  3. Wow, Sandy. It's so true, though. Each child is different...

    Thanks for your input!

    ~ Linda