Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Will Becca Ever be Able to Hold a Job if She Can’t Wake Up Early (and Other Pearls of Wisdom from My Father)

My father honestly confronted me about this. We were taking a drive in Arkansas, during a visit, and he said, “I totally support you homeschooling. I think it’s a great thing. The only thing I have a problem with is Becca getting up so late. How is she ever going to hold a job if she can’t wake up early enough?”

OK, I have several problems with this conversation, and his concern.

First of all, dad (without sounding too overtly hostile), thanks for your approval of my homeschooling efforts. :oP

Secondly, who says you have to be able to be an early riser to have a good job? Maybe Becca and I don’t envision her waking up at 6am every morning, to go to a 9-5 job. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of job. I did it for 10 years when I worked for the Air Force. Bob does it every day, Monday through Friday.)

One thing I discovered about Becca is that some of her most productive times are after 10pm. She’s been known to start her math work after that time. Or bake cookies, or take a practice learners permit exam…

Not everybody works a 9-5 job. There are plenty of people who work other shifts. You just need to be open to other possibilities. Think outside the box, if you will.

Becca doesn’t see herself working as a “cubicle person” for the rest of her life. (Not that there’s anything wrong with cubicle people.)

Neither do I…


  1. I agree!!! One of my old friends is working in film production and is off shooting all over the country and works odd hours -not the typical 9-5....or what if she becomes her own boss and has an online business where she can set her own hours and work wherever she pleases :-)

  2. How wonderful! I love that idea... ;o)

    ~ Linda

  3. I always, always, always hated getting up early. When I absolutely had to do it, I did. (It's called an alarm clock. Lots of people have them because they don't naturally get up early.) But most of my life, I've been able to either work second or third shift (with a shift differential to "compensate" me for not having to get there at seven am!), or set my own work hours completely. And there is tons of research that shows that adolescents naturally have an altered circadian rhythm that makes them want to sleep in and stay up late.

    Becca will do fine, regardless of her eventual career path. If it's worth doing, I'm sure she'll be out of bed to do it. I don't imagine she's ever not gotten up on days you were going to Disney or Build-a-Bear, unless she was really sick. She'll get up if she needs to for her job.

  4. I've heard that argument before, but I don't think people who use it even realize what they're saying. Is that what school is for? Really? To teach you how to get out of bed at a regular time? Years ago farmers' kids rarely went to school, especially during planting or harvesting season. Yet they managed to get out of bed with the rooster's crow, before sunrise. Even if Becca chooses a 9-5 type of career, I'll bet she'll have no problem waking up to the rooster's crow, aka alarm clock.

  5. Excellent point, Kathy. Thanks so much for your input!

    ~ Linda