Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dating in the Homeschool Group (My Take On It - Becca)


Dating is a very complicated thing, period, and when it involves boys you are very close with (friends, friends of friends, or friends’ brothers) it gets really weird.

Okay, not weird more like…incestuous.

I’m not saying that I have never had a crush on a boy in the homeschool group.

But as you get older, you realize you love these guys…not because you want to date them, but because you love them for who they are…and you want to hang out with them more.

I look at my school friends’ statuses on Facebook, and I’ll go, “Wow…is this really what they think about at my age?”

See, I’d rather text a “guy friend’ or IM, but I could not imagine hanging out with them as a friend, dating, breaking up, and then it being awkward having to see them at EVERY teen and/or homeschool event.

I know it would be ten times worse in school... I don’t know, it might just be me...but I don’t look at my guy friends as possible dates.

I would rather hang out with guys and be friends than having the possibility of ruining a wonderful friendship.


  1. Becca you are so very wise for your age!!! <3 I love you to pieces...I am very proud of you!!! Killian feels exactly the same way and I am very proud of him also!!! He is enjoying life and not having to worry about things like that...he is not ready for it and he knows that...he has lots of "girl" friends and he is comfortable just hanging out with them and he doesn't feel all weird!!! I am so very proud of you guys...I know you will grow up and be a very well adjusted adult because you already are ahead of the game...you know you need to figure out who you are before even think about trying to figure someone else out!!! Life is too short to worry about things you don't need to worry about at your ages...you only have a few years left to be young...you HAVE to be an adult the rest of your life...so enjoy it while you can!!! :D

  2. You put that SO well, my friend! Thank you.

    Becca says thank you and that she's happy to watch over Killian, and make sure no girls "go after him." LOL!

    ~ Linda

  3. Becca is WAY more intelligent than others (me ;) at that age...I know I felt pressure to date as a teen...but not from my peers! (from my grandmother! i have a weird family...) Becca: YOU will know when you are ready! and what is good for one, is not always right for another.

  4. Becca says, "Sounds good." And, "Thank you, Eva!" ;o)

    Thanks, Eva!!!

    ~ Linda