Friday, September 3, 2010

So Where Do We Go and What Do We Do (Where ARE You Guys All Day?)

Ft Christmas, Florida

Last night, some homeschool friends and I attended the 14th Annual Brevard Zoo Teacher Open House. It was my first time, and I really enjoyed it!

They had refreshments, a local celebrity DJ, door prizes and a lot of information geared toward educators.

When each “vendor” asked what grade I teach, my responses were, “10th grade,” “High school,” or simply “Oh, I homeschool.” I got a LOT of positive feedback with that one… It was very refreshing! (The typical response was, “Oh, we have LOTS available for homeschool groups!”)

So in the future, we might be attending an archeological “dig” with the Florida Public Archaeology Network, taking a class at the Brevard Art Museum School, or making a trip to the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum (yes, right here in Brevard County, Florida).

In the past, we have participated in educational trips to the The Orlando Science Center, WonderWorks, Fort Christmas, the Brevard County Courthouse and the Brevard Zoo. We’ve had “fun” field trips to Chuck E. Cheese, a Daytona Beach candy factory, Sebastian Inlet and a Spring Training baseball game.

We’ve also done our share of “community service” by visiting assisted living facilities to spread cheer (and bring goodies) to the residents during the holiday season.

It’s good I keep a “photo diary” of all our events. (I don’t keep other records, really.) My “c drive” is full because of all the photos I’ve stored. It’s nice to look back at our events over the past 5 ½ years, and see how Becca’s grown, and all that we’ve participated in…

Like I’ve said before, our activities have slowed down a lot now that Becca’s older (and her interests have changed). There was a time, when we first started homeschooling, that we were gone 6 days out of 7. Maybe not so much anymore, but if you call and we’re not home, don’t be surprised!

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