Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey All! Me Again (Becca)!

Today I decided to write about text lingo and how some kids use it in every day life...

Well, I am an avid texter and I do it a lot. (A LOT.) Meaning: My first texting bill was over 100 dollars. But I cooled it down the next month by only going over 50. Yeah...congrats, right?

But even though I text a lot, I still find it hard to read a text that’s like:

“Wuzzup? u goin 2 da mll l8r?”

…I’m sorry, what?

Now, I understand how that would be easier to type on a tiny keyboard (or on a number keypad), but when it’s used in an email or in a letter…I guess you could say it’s a pet peeve of mine.

But keep in mind, when I am on Facebook, email, etc, I don’t expect people to type like they are typing an essay. Just type nicely enough so I can understand what you are saying!

Maybe I’m just not caught up with “trends” these days, but I doubt ill B tlking lke idk diss evur N ma life haha lolz XD ;-P