Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friends Come, Friends Go…

I’ve been reflecting lately on how things have changed since we started homeschooling.

We’ve changed homeschool groups. We left a Girl Scout troop. We started another scout group and left that one too. At times, our lives have been in flux.

We’ve had friends come and go.

(This is true for our homeschooling friends, as well as friends in other parts of our lives.)

Some have had “life changes.” Some just drifted away…

Some were never a good fit in the first place. And that’s OK.

Luckily, those who are the most important to us are still in our lives. We may not see them all the time, but we keep in contact the best we can.

Some leave our lives permanently, and it’s for the better. Some leave and we have regrets. But we move forward.

We reflect on the year that has passed, and we look forward to the coming year.

And we move ahead with no regrets.

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