Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why I’d Rather Have a the Most Well-Adjusted Kid in the World (As Opposed to the Smartest Kid in the World)

I know. A weird thing for a mom to say.

But I’ve always said this. (Well, since I’ve been a mom I have.)

When Becca was in public school, I decided that though book-learning is indeed important, her emotional stability (and security) was even more important. Her ability to get along with other people (kids and adults) was (and is) a top priority for us.

I’d seen kids that were super-smart, but had no idea of how to interact with other kids (or adults). And I still do, to this day.

(Ever talk to a kid that grunts in response? Or can’t look you in the eye? Yeah, me too.)

But I mean, it’s not like you really get to CHOOSE this for your child. We don’t all have kids and say, “I think I’ll have a smart kid.” Or “I think I’ll have a super-social kid.”

I believe that people, to a certain degree, are born with certain propensities/personality traits. But then, how much of who we are (and who we become) is based on the environment that we’re brought up in?

Then there’s the fact that it IS entirely possible to be both smart AND social… (The ideal combination, in my book.)

I must say (though I do consider Becca to be VERY bright), the fact that she can interact with people (kids, teens, adults, sales people, strangers on the subway in New York City) is a good thing.

(She wants me to add in here that she IS aware of stranger danger, so don’t worry…)

Again, this may seem like a weird thing for a mom to say, but I am truly glad that I have a kid who’s not too shabby in the brains department, but most importantly, is socially well-adjusted… It works well for us!

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