Thursday, September 23, 2010

“Exceptional” Children

There are a lot of labels for kids these days. (A lot of labels for adults, too, come to think of it…)

I think all kids should just be labeled “exceptional.”

What is an exceptional child? Well, here’s MY definition:

A child who is different.

A child who is “mainstream.”

A child who exudes energy.

A “calm” child.

A child who doesn’t have to try, who gets A’s in school.

A child who tries really hard, and gets C’s in school.

A child who can focus.

A child who cannot.

An athletic child.

A child that is differently-abled.

A child who feels like they have to fit in with everybody else.

A child who strives to be an individual.

A child who asks a lot of questions.

A child who has most of the answers.

A “sociable” child.

A shy child.

A child who speaks their mind.

A quiet child.

A confident child.

A child who is unsure.

An assertive child.

A passive child.

A child who is a leader.

A child who follows.

A “practical” child.

A dreamer.

An artistic child.

An analytical child.

A child that is a “fighter.”

A child that is more of a “lover.”

A public school child.

A private school child.

A homeschooled child.