Monday, September 13, 2010

What Finally Pushed Us Over the Edge (Hello Homeschooling!)

My kid’s got a compromised immune system.

As a kid, I was the same way.

My mom used to say that while other kids walked around with runny noses all winter, I got sick and ended up in the hospital.

My kid has my immune system.

We made a trip to Alaska when Becca was almost a year-and-a-half old, and there she developed her first ear infection. We struggled with those for several years.

Soon after, her doctor diagnosed her with asthma. She was constantly hooked up to a nebulizer for a while.

After we got the asthma pretty much under control, the throat infections started.

So school was a challenge for us. Becca was sick. A lot. We ran to the doctor. A LOT. Even a small cold could turn into something more serious. So every time she got sick, off we went.

For the most part, we were granted leniency. It was really bad when she was in preschool. We missed so many days that the teacher noticed her speech backsliding, instead of progressing as it should for a "normal" child her age.

She missed so many days when she was in public school, that concerned teachers (and administrators) would make comments to me.

There was a possibility that Becca was going to be held back.

We did everything we were required to do when Becca got sick. I took her to the doctor and got a “note.” We asked for make-up work. (Most of the time, her teachers said not to worry about it. That they’d catch her up when she got back.)

So, this leaving her back a grade stuff really got me concerned. We were doing all the right things… But it just wasn’t good enough (on paper, at least).

Somehow we survived it, though. Becca never ended up being held back.

But it was a struggle, and I ended up having to be her biggest advocate...

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