Thursday, September 30, 2010

What You Don’t Know About School Bullying (By Becca)

When I was in school, I really was not old enough to understand/experience school bullying.

And even if I did, it was amateurish, like, “I’m playing with HER on the playground!” THAT type of stuff.

But from what I have seen on TV and heard from my friends, high school bullying is like nothing I have ever heard before. Teens are killing themselves because of taunting, picking on, or for being gay... It’s truly horrifying!

In our homeschool group, we have teens who say they are bisexual, straight and gay and none of them are judged for it.

Recently, (in the news), there was a student who killed himself because people found out he was gay (on the computer).

A teenager’s self esteem is so fragile as it is, without other stupid kids your age poking fun of which sex you prefer.

Most of my friends still aren’t even sexually active (and don’t even know what sex they are attracted to because they are not even there yet)!

At this age, how are you even supposed to know? And if you are “same-sex oriented,” must you be afraid of telling certain people, because of what they might think?

Why should anyone be judged for something so unimportant? Why should anybody even care?

Why should I want to kill myself because of something you said?

Next time you think about bullying or judging somebody because of what they like, maybe you should think twice about it...

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