Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let’s Call it Something Other Than Homeschooling (Can We Change the Name Worldwide?)

After reading about all of our adventures, a friend recently suggested that we change the name of “homeschooling” to “never at home-schooling.” I kind of like that idea!

We've also talked about calling it “always-in-my-car-schooling.” Or how about “the world is our classroom…”

One of my favorite bumper stickers reads, “If it’s called homeschooling, then why am I always out?”

For the first time in about five years, we had a lot of self-imposed down time this summer. Every year, I swore we’d actually have a “summer break.” Then I’d end up booking, double-booking and over-booking. (Once a planner, always a planner!) I really needed a summer off…

Though we ended up enjoying a lot of reading time, pool time and lazy days, Becca, for the first time since we started homeschooling, went a little (teeny bit) stir crazy. She’s more than happy to jump back into all of our regular “school year” activities.

While I can’t speak for all of the other homeschooling families out there, I know a LOT of our “learning time” has been out of the home. Even folks that stick to a strict classroom schedule find themselves running to field trips, co-ops and “outside” activities.

Perhaps if homeschoolers had a different name, people wouldn’t assume that they are stuck in the house all day.

All we homeschoolers can do, in addition to educating our kids, is continue to educate society as well…

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