Saturday, September 18, 2010

What? You’ve Already Started Your Career? But You’re Only 15!!!

Yup. It’s true. Sidney is a wonderful, talented young lady (homeschooled, of course) who is already training and working as a cake artist. (You can view her blog, here.) She’s amazing. She brought one of her creations to our house yesterday. It was adorned with sculpted chocolate. It smelled divine and looked beautiful!

She spends most of her time making cakes, learning new techniques, interning with experts, etc. Oh, and she’s involved in other activities as well (a 4H-type club, volunteer time at a local zoo, yes—school work, and hang out time with other teens…she is a normal kid after all).

She’s so busy, though, that school (public school, anyway) would get in the way of all that she has to get done. It would essentially take away from her career preparations.

As a matter of fact, she might not have found her calling at all, if she hadn’t been homeschooled. See, she started with a simple “Wilton” cake decorating class at a local craft store.

After that, she dove in headfirst to her new passion. (She was hooked.)

Now she’s one of the youngest cake decorating apprentices in the area. And she has quite a career ahead of her. (She’s also teaching.)

And we know several other kids who are concentrating on their future…NOW. They don’t have to go to college to find out who they are (or what they want to be). They’ve decided to take a more direct route to reach their goal.

Yes, they still have to get an education, but they can specialize, NOW, in what they want to do.

Becca’s not sure what she wants to do for a career yet. (And I’m not worried. It’s still early.) But she has the ability, now, to try things out real-time.

She may want to start a business. She may want to intern. She may want to travel the world, to see what’s out there. It may finally hit her and THEN she’ll find the path she needs to follow to reach her destination.

It’s just like our friend, the cake decorator. Or the homeschooler who spends most of her day dancing, or ice skating, or just finding out who she wants to be.

There are fewer distractions, and more time. Without having to worry about “checking boxes” in a public school atmosphere.

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