Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello! Becca Here again!

My mom would like me to write about MY view of being a “homeschool teen” and planning for homeschool teens and all that fun stuff. So here I go!

When my mom goes online (for long periods of time) she will ask me about twice a day, “Would you like to do blah, blah, blah?” And my answer is “Meh…I don’t know. Maybe.” (A minute or so later...) “Nah.” Well I’m not saying I’m anti-social with any other kids besides my teen friends (because ANY homeschool mom part of our group knows that’s not true!), but I do absolutely LOVE my hang out time with my crew.

I almost pick that over any other activities we are doing that week. (Almost.) I also prefer at least two days out of the week to have just reading and hanging out at home, spending “Mommy and Becca” time. (I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah you might like that but not every teen does.”) And you’re right.

But face it, not every teen likes doing the same things. For example: At our last teen night, some kids played Spoons with the adults, some hung out playing Apples to Apples with their close group of friends and some went outside to hang by themselves. Hey! Whatever floats your boat!

Even though sometimes I can be a moody, “only wants to hang with her friends” cranky teen…wait I lost my train of thought...OH! Even though I can be all of that stuff, I wouldn’t trade anything for my homeschool family. Whether you’re my “little sister” or my “second mom” or my “BFFAE” (or even my “annoying brother” know who you are!), you all have a part in the homeschool section of my heart.

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