Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi! Becca here writing as your “guest speaker” today! (Aren’t you lucky!)

Today I thought I’d give you my insight on homeschooling and how I couldn’t do without it.

When I was in school, (even though I don’t remember much), I remember being miserable. Missing my mom, thinking about what I could be doing instead of six hours a day in a classroom, and how I felt just icky. When I got the idea of homeschooling, I was rabid! I just HAD to be homeschooled. And when we finally started…oh boy it was the best thing ever! I made friends immediately and had just an absolute blast! From American Girl Dolls, to gossiping about cute boys in the group, I knew I fit right in.

Now, when you think of typical homeschooling, you think unsocial, ultra-smart weird kids (which I’m not saying we aren’t) but we are much more than that. The kids in our group range from amazingly smart, to ditzy teen girls, to well…me.

When I left school, I was nine years old, and now I am fifteen and as happy as ever. I am very active in an amazing teen group and I am also very active in my “main” homeschool group (which my mom started).

I have my own crochet business, and I am an obsessed reader. (I’m now reading The Hunger Games, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Clockwork Angel…all at the same time!!)

I am very excited to be back into the swing of things since this “school year” began. (Drama, art, Funtown, permit practicing, many teen functions, and also “down days.”) I know it will be awesome!

Glad to share with you all,

Happy blogging!

Becca T


  1. This is great Becca! Linda you have raised an awesome young lady, however I know you already know that but I just wanted to let you know that eventhough I have never met Becca from what I have read and seen on fb she is one amazing young lady!

  2. Thanks for sharing homeschool life from your point of view, Becca!

  3. very nice becca. its great to hear from the homeschooled children too.

  4. Yeah, Becca! It's great to hear your enthusiasm, and so well expressed!

  5. That was delightful to read, Becca, thank you. You're a gifted writer! You already know I'm a homeschool supporter, so I'm firmly on your side. You're embarking on some really great years - enjoy them! And be sure to give your mom a hug from me. She's an inspiration, as are you.

  6. Becca rocks! This is a great POV to share with everyone in the interwebs. We always hear about homeschooling from the parents with so few from the actual kids that are schooled. Reading this and knowing you and others in the group personally, confirms our choice to homeschool was a great one!

  7. Becca says to thank you all for your comments and kind words.

    She's off doing whatever Becca does. (Whatever is keeping her attention at the moment.) Right now, I think she's "managing" her massive book collection. ;o)

    I am very proud of her, and who she's become.

    Thank you all for you love and support. <3

    ~ Linda