Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lightning Thief (and Teen Book Club Discussion)!!!

We had a wonderful Teen Book Club meeting today!

The kids in this group range from age 12 through 16, and there are an equal number of boys and girls.

Today, the book of choice was The Lightning Thief. The meeting was at a Mediterranean restaurant (in honor of the Greek Gods in the book). We had appropriately-themed bookmarks and a really good (but tough) word search (made up by one of the teens).

AND we had blue cupcakes (with blue icing and lightning bolts). And blue cookies. All in honor of Percy Jackson (and his love of blue food).

It was wonderful to see all of the kids (and parents) enjoying their meal (and talking about the book). We had 18 people in all (7 moms and dads, and 11 kids). A full house in a small restaurant!

I love the book club idea. It fosters the love of reading, and it gives these teens even more social time.

And I’m glad that we parents are allowed to be a part of it.

That’s not to say that the teens didn’t have their own space. They sat at one end of the table, we sat at the other. But it’s nice that we can be there and enjoy the company of other parents (and even discuss the book ourselves)!

The waitress commented, as we were leaving, that she was really impressed with how well-behaved our teens were. She was also surprised that they were all homeschooled. She said she had never met a homeschooled kid before.

I’m so glad that we can go out in public and make such a positive, long-lasting impression.

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